Juurihoito 7": Jah Zebi & Jahvice

Deep Roots Reggae & Dubwise 

Jah Zebi: Dem A Di One Yah | Jahvice: Last Days | Luonnollinen Kokijamies: Kivijalka Version

Jah Zebi: http://www.myspace.com/jahzebi

Jahvice http://www.myspace.com/jahvicemusic

Juurihoito http://www.myspace.com/juurihoito


7" Vinyl is out now and can be ordered thru http://juurihoito.net website or directly emailing juurihoito@gmail.com. Price is 6€ + postage

These MP3 files are for aimed for soundsystems and radio dj's only - for promotional use. Please, honor the singers and players of instruments and do not give out the link to this page to anyone. Thanks.

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